Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hello From Teaching In Bronco Country

Hi! I am Ashley from Teaching in Bronco Country . I am so excited to be apart of Resources With Altitude! I view the teacher blogger world as a place to continuously learn and be inspired by other teachers. I spend a ton of time being in awe of the amazing things other teachers are doing out there.

A little about myself, I am a 3rd grade teacher in Elizabeth, CO. I have been teaching for 8 years and I have taught first, second, third and a 3/4 split. I love 3rd grade and seem to always make my way back. I teach part time so I can spend time with my two year old twins. That means I teach literacy and social studies every morning. From me you will read about teaching reading, writing and social studies with a technology twist. I work at a 1 to 1 iPad school and I have used them in the classroom for the past 4 years.  

I teach through apps, a flipped classroom model and the tried and true paper and pencil. 

I did not always know I wanted to be a teacher. I struggled in school socially and with my behavior. I wasn't a "bad" kid I just couldn't sit still and stop talking. However, I loved learning and I still do! I went to college to be a youth minster and realized how wonderful teaching was while teaching a lesson in Sunday school. My mom said she always knew I would be a teacher. (I should always listen to my mom.)

A teacher that believed in me and saw past my wiggles and chattiness was my second grade teacher, Mrs.Tabor. Mrs. Tabor made learning interactive and engaging and we rarely had to stay seated! She continues to inspire me all of these years later. I strive to bring that into my own classroom. If you were to walk in my classroom you would see students working on a variety of activities and interacting with each other. 

I am a U.S. History lover! It is my favorite subject to teach! I have several social studies lessons in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Two of my favorites are:

Economics in the Classroom:  This is a fun and interactive supply and demand activity. Believe or not I really enjoy teaching economics and try hard to have my students enjoy it.

This lesson is designed teach economics to elementary students. It focuses on the topics of supply and demand.

Each student starts with $10.00, then has to earn and spend money. (They can start with more or less based on the classes need.)

There are three rounds that should be about 10 minutes long. During this time the consumers may visit the bank, the store and perform their task from their task cards.

The next lesson is where my love of U.S. History comes in. It is an interactive lesson about traveling through Ellis Island. With Discovering Ellis Island, you turn your classroom into Ellis Island and each student is assigned an immigrant card. Most students make it through to America but some do not.  

When I am not blogging or teaching I love to cook, read and craft! My girls are an absolute joy in my life and I love navigating parenthood with my husband Ian. 

 Thank you for taking the time to read about me! You can check out more about my classroom at my own blog, or on Facebook and Instagram

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