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Music Monday with Sue McTigue

Hello from Sue McTigue at Teach Me With a Song! 

Music in the Elementary Classroom - Why, How and When?

Do you use music in your classroom?  If you're an elementary school teacher, the answer is probably a definite yes!  Even many middle and high school teachers use music in their classrooms in some way.
Why, How and When does music fit in to you and your student’s school day?  

During my career as a music teacher, I have had the pleasure of seeing the amazing way classroom teachers use music every day.  Though I am a music teacher, I learned a thing or two from these classroom teachers and borrowed many of their ideas.

Why do teachers and students use music in their classrooms?

…is a huge motivator!
…creates atmosphere and mood.
…helps to manage the energy of  a class.
…helps to create bonds between teachers and students  
…is a vocabulary builder.
…helps to teach the structure and rhythm of language.
…makes sometimes dull or boring concepts exciting!
…encourages risk taking and confidence.
…is fun - kids love to sing!

When do teachers and students use music in their classrooms?

Transitions between lessons and activities:
…at the beginning or ending a lesson such as using the same recorded music at the beginning of a lesson as a cue to students that it is starting.
…when cleaning up.
….when making a circle.
…at the beginning of the school day.
…when the class as a whole needs calming or energizing.
…when learning a new language
.…when learning concepts and skills as part of the learning experience: 
  • counting songs
  • color songs
  • geography songs
  • science songs
  • math songs
  • alphabet songs
  • animal songs
How do teachers use music in their classrooms?

Teachers and students use music by:
…using technology.
… creating digital stories.
…writing poetry.
… teaching concepts, skills and content.

Music and Content:
There are many songs that help teach many subjects including social studies, math and science.  I love science, especially geology! Don’t all kids love to hunt for cool rocks?  I have a song about that!

If you are needing music related to the rock cycle, minerals, gemstones and earth changes, look no further!  My music program based on national science standards is perfect for a basic geology unit.  This musical with 7 songs, script, orchestrated accompaniment and rehearsal tracks has already been performed in several Colorado schools and schools in other states.

I hope you enjoy this short preview of the opening song, "Rock Concert!"

If you'd like to know more about "Rock Concert!" visit the informational site at:

Music can transform a “so-so” learning environment to a “Wow! I love school!” engaging space. Think of the ways you use music now and add a couple more during the first week of school.  I think you’ll find that your classroom will come to life!

Contact me for song ideas and questions about getting started with using music in your classroom!  
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